The Cooperative Bonus

October 01, 2019

Posted: October 1, 2019

Now, as always, is a good time to be a member of an electric cooperative. Not only are co-ops locally owned and controlled — by you, the member — they are locally run to serve your needs.

While many electricity customers pay their power bills to companies that answer to stockholders demanding healthy profits each quarter, your board, fellow co-op members, make decisions locally. Co-ops aren’t pressured to generate big dividends for investors. Instead, co-ops try to keep rates low while providing high-quality service, investing money in excess of operating costs back into the cooperative locally or returning excess (margins) to members in the form of capital credits.

As locally owned and operated businesses, electric co-ops have a real understanding of the members they serve. Cooperative management and employees share the same values and have the same pride of place because it is our community, too. We act like neighbors because we are neighbors — that’s the cooperative bonus.

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