From a Director — Cindy Condon, March 2020

March 01, 2020
From a Director - Cindy Condon, March 2020

Electric Vehicles

Good for you, the environment, and the co-op!

I recently approached a 4-way stop in West Salem and was surprised (and delighted) to see three electric cars stopped at the intersection. Times they are a changing! It was visible evidence of a transition to electrified transportation. I spoke with the Oregon Department of Energy last August about the number of electric vehicles (EVs) in our Salem Electric service territory and learned there were 218 in our little corner of the world. By the end of 2019, that number had grown to 288 registered electric vehicles. More and more Salem Electric members are plugging-in to charge their cars and bicycles with safe, reliable, and nearly carbon-free energy.

Salem Electric sees the opportunity of EVs and is embracing the responsibility which comes with it. Last spring, Salem Electric kicked-off an EV education initiative with a successful Ride and Drive event for members, and convened an EV Users Group to engage members with staff and each other. These discussions can help Salem Electric plan for the future needs of our members. 

We ended the year with a revamped website which, among other things, features a “Choose EV” page, complete with comprehensive information about electric vehicles, including the environmental impact, cost, availability, and the savings electric vehicles offer. For a quick look, visit

With so many EV models available, tax credits, and other incentives, the transition to electrified transportation is happening quickly and Salem Electric is ready to play a supporting role.