Your Cooperative – Your Voice

March 01, 2020
Your Cooperative – Your Voice

For nearly 80 years, Oregon’s electric cooperatives have delivered clean, renewable, reliable, and affordable electricity to their members. However, each legislative session Oregon cooperatives face legislation that challenges our ability to deliver the electricity you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford.

We are not powerless. By way of our grassroots network, ORECA-Action, thousands of electric co-op members across Oregon have come together to ensure elected officials understand how their decisions affect the affordability and reliability of your electric service. 

By becoming an ORECA-Action advocate, you’ll maximize your voice and become part of a growing team. When important legislation is proposed that could affect your co-op, the ORECA-Action network provides you the information you need to make your voice heard by sending messages directly to your elected officials. Together we can make a difference. To sign up, visit

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