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Power for a new generation

Safety is the most important thing to consider with electricity. Refer to the power and safety guide 896 KB to learn some great safety tips. Kids can use this page to learn about conservation, generation and other facts about electricity.

Safety coloring book
The History of Electricity
Kid's links

Energy quiz
For older kids and adults. Test your knowledge of energy-related information.
Take the energy quiz

Zippy and Splash
Coloring books, puzzles, stories, lots of fun!
View the Zippy and Splash website

Global warming kids site

Become a climate detective on this EPA site with games and animation.
Learn about climate change

Dr. E's Energy Lab
Games, tips, and facts for kids who want to save energy!
Play games that educate you to save energy

The Bonneville Power Administration
Curriculum, science and activities for all grade levels.
Visit the BPA Community/Education webpage


Kids Zone
Art, Contests, Games and much more.
Find out about smart energy uses

Explorers Club
Games, art, science facts and lots of interesting and fun links.
Explore the Environmental Kids Club

The Atoms Family
Information and great projects for kids of all ages.
Discover The Atoms Family

Energy Ant
Information and activities for kids of all ages.
See all of the things Energy Ant can teach you!

Energy Quest
Fun with energy from the California Energy Commission.
Go on the energy quest!

Safety Education
Safety and conservation demonstrations for schools in Salem Electric's service area. Learn more...
Leadership Youth
Participating in the Salem-Keizer Leadership Youth program.

Program description
Scholarship program
Salem Electric offers annual scholarships for the continued education of our members.
Program details
Apply online
   (October through February)
Presentations for students

2nd Graders and Safety
Our energy experts will visit 2nd grade classrooms within our service area to educate kids about electircal safety with our Power Town display.

5th Graders Learn Safety and Conservation
A visit from our energy experts teaches 5th grade students in our service area about electrical safety, energy conservation, and the environment.

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