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Access current information related to your electric cooperative.

Important news for Salem Electric members

March Info Bulletin/News and Views
News and information about your consumer-owned utility.

Oregon's appliance rebate program expands.
Habitat Improvement Program
Improving local fish and wildlife habitat
BPA video highlighting its 75th anniversary
Why adjust water heater temperature?
Attention Landlords
Important information for landlords
"It's Our Time" Brochure 1.8 MB
Join the fight for affordable power.
AMI Pilot Program
Opening Doors to Better Energy Management
Power-friendly trees: UtiliTrees
Power line-friendly trees.
Arbor Day Foundation
Plant the right tree in the right place.
City of Salem Tree List
Information on tree sizes and growth.
Energy Star CFLs
Low-cost screw-in fluorescent lamps sold at Salem Electric
"Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency"
Details on what qualifies for Federal Tax Credits.
Power and Safety Guide
Outage preparedness and safety tips.
SE Scholarships
Salem Electric is offering ten $1,000 college scholarships
Join the Power of Community
As a member-owned cooperative, we need your help to keep electric rates affordable. Please take a moment to join Power of Community by clicking on the link provided below.
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