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Energy Conservation

Committed to Energy Efficiency
Salem Electric has had a long history of supporting energy conservation

Members can choose between a variety of programs to save energy, reduce their electric bill, help the environment and most important... put money in their pockets. Our rebates and incentives, as well as having all of your questions answered by our energy experts, makes the process run smoothly.

Programs & Services brochure
A complete list of programs and services available that help our members save money, protect their environment and make life easier.
Programs & Services brochure

Home Heating Guide
Information about the advantages and disadvantages of several different types of electric heating systems.
Brochure 2.4 MB
Going on Vacation?
Save energy and learn convenient payment options to pay your bill when you're away from home.
Brochure 1.5 MB

Home Energy Use Guide
Learn how much it costs to operate a variety of household applances. Also includes general tips and program information.
Brochure 933 KB

  Schedule a free energy audit to learn about our weatherization program as well as the available incentives and loans. Program details...

Appliance Rebate Program
  Details on which appliances are eligible for a rebate (rebate form attached). Program details...

Area Lighting Program
  Install pole-mounted area lighting for a monthly fee. Program details...

Heat Pump Program
  Install a high efficiency heat pump using an approved contractor and detailed installation specifications. Program details...

Bright Way™ Program
  Install solar water heating and receive a rebate or loan. Program details...

  Program and product information for $15 light fixture rebates. Program details...

Thermostat Rebates
  Receive a rebate for an electronic thermostat. Program details...

Water Heater Efficiency
  Free electric water heater wraps and high-performance showerheads. Program details...

Photovoltaic Program
  Rebates for installing qualifying photovoltaic systems. Program details...

Member Assistance Program
  A heating bill assistance program for qualifying members. Program details...
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