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Safety is our business

Safety of our employees, our members, and the general public is  of the utmost importance. We design and maintain our system with safety and realiablility as our primary goal. Consider having a licensed electrician inspect your wiring and electrical panel to ensure compliance with current codes. Salem Electric regularly inspects and maintains our system to provide the reliable service our members expect.

Power line safety
Safety Education
Our "Power Town" demonstration is a great opportunity for elementary school students to learn about electrical safety.
Power-friendly trees
Trees can be a power line's worst enemy. Learn which trees to plant below overhead lines.
City of Salem tree list

Power & Safety Guide 1.2 MB
Helpful tips regarding electrical safety, power outage preparedness, generators and protection for sensitive electrical equipment.
Presentations for students

2nd Graders and Safety
Our energy experts will visit 2nd grade classrooms within our service area to educate kids about electircal safety with our Power Town display.

5th Graders Learn Safety and Conservation
A visit from our energy experts teaches 5th grade students in our service area about electrical safety, energy conservation, and the environment.

Report a problem?
If you have a problem with your electrical service, please contact our office or click here.

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