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Photovoltaic system at West Salem High School

A solar event
Salem Electric, along with partners West Coast Bank, The Bonneville Environmental Foundation, IBEW Salem and Northside Electric, funded and installed a 2.4 kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) system at West Salem High School.

The interactive PV system includes a data acquisition package that allows students, teachers and community members to access real-time system performance over the internet. This live working resource is coupled with curriculum designed to promote student and community understanding of renewable energy.

A benefit to Salem Electric is that our Engineering and Operation Departments can study the project and become more familiar with customer-owned generation applications that connect to our distribution system.

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Salem Electric has partnered with West Salem High School to provide a working demonstration of renewable energy generation.

The photovoltaic project, located near the football stadium, was made possible through generous donations of time and materials.

Photovoltaic System

Installed December 2002

24 Panels totaling 192 sq. ft. (2.4 kW)

Output: 240 kWh monthly

Project Sponsors

Bonneville Environmental Foundation

West Coast Bank

Northside Electric

IBEW Local 125

Salem-Keizer School District

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