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Supporting the environment
Salem Electric recognizes that we live in a fragile
environment, and we're taking action to help
preserve it.

Installing raptor perches
and nesting platforms

Osprey nests have been relocated from power poles
to nesting platforms which were installed on new poles
located nearby. Perches were installed on salvaged
power poles in the new Oak Savannah Park allowing
raptors to safely perch.

Supporting renewable energy
through rate-based renewable
energy purchases

Since 1995 Salem Electric's board has been committed
to renewable energy. Rather than asking members to
subscribe to "blocks" of green power, Salem Electric's
rates included renewable energy. Currently environmentally preferred power is at a premium cost through BPA and the board has elected to wait for prices to reduce before purchasing additional green power.

Providing educational
opportunities for students

In order to promote renewable energy and provide an educational opportunity, in cooperation with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and others, a 2.8 kW photovoltaic system and 1.8 kW wind generator was
installed at West Salem High School. Power output is monitored through a website and instructors are
developing a renewable energy curriculum.

Recycling of office supplies
and construction waste

Over 6,000 pounds of office paper is recycled annually.
Wire, metal, and wood products are also collected by salvage companies.

Promoting paperless billing
and electronic newsletters

Salem Electric promotes paperless billing, on-line bill pay and automatic payment options. Approximately 41% of Salem Electric's members participate in alternative payment options.

An ongoing investment in
a variety of utility-funded
conservation programs

Because of budgetary fluctuations in BPA-funded conservation in the 1980s and 1990s, Salem Electric's board has approved annual budgets to internally fund cost-effective conservation since 1997. A variety of programs are available for residential, commercial and
industrial members.

Net Metering
Receive credit for generating your own power.
Photovoltaic Program
Attention Solar Contractors
Net Metering Program
Wind generator at West Salem High
A residential-sized wind generator was installed at West Salem High School through a grant from Salem Electric.
Project details
Solar collector at West Salem High
Students at West Salem High School can learn about photovoltaic generating systems through this project funded by Salem Electric.

Join the Habitat Improvement Program

Member contributions support efforts to improve local fish and wildlife habitat. Read more...

Reduce your carbon footpint

Review a list of things you can do to reduce your environmental impact. Read more...

Committed to renewable power

Salem Electric's board adopted a policy to replace all non-renewable power with power generaded with renewable resources. Read more...

Titan renewable energy lab

Solar data

Wind data

Bonneville Environmental Foundation
Locate Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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