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Unclaimed Capital Retain Refunds

Notice of available refund
Salem Electric maintains on its books, Capital Retains withheld during the years 1995-96 credited to the here-in named persons, whose addresses are now unknown. Payment of the Retains is available to those persons or entities legally entitled thereto as listed. The Board of Directors of Salem Electric has declared that the Retains will be forfeited and will revert to Salem Electric unless claim to payment is made in writing by the persons or entity legally entitled thereto and the same is received by Salem Electric, P.O. Box 5588, Salem, Oregon 97304-0055, telephone number 503-362-3601, or email se@salemelectric.com, on or before December 5, 2014.

Note: This list was first published in March 2014. All names will remain on the list through December 5, 2014 whether or not a refund has been paid.

Click on a letter below for a page of names in which the
person's last name or entity name begins with that letter.

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W & J Const
WRD Investments
Wachter, Bret A
Waddell, Rory E
Wade, James C
Wade, Larry B
Wade, Lemuel
Wade, Lisa A
Wadlette Enterprises
Wadsworth, Michelle L
Wafford, Mary M
Wagner, Connie S
Wagner, Joseph A
Wagner, Lanse W
Wagner, Rhonda L
Wagner, Rick J
Wagner, Tara J
Wagstaff, David N
Wainman, Barbara R
Wakefield, Angela R
Waldron, David E
Wales, James G
Walker, Bobby L
Walker, Clyde S
Walker, Debi J
Walker, Glen A
Walker, Michael T
Walker, Rod
Walker, Teresa L
Walker, Terrance L
Wallace, Ann Marie
Wallace, Benjamin P
Wallace, Marvin L
Walling, Joann M
Walling, Lori A
Walling, Susan R
Wallingford, Vern M
Walsh, Marilyn
Walter, Jack C
Walther, Jean W
Walton, Mark A
Wanago, Jeff A
Ward, Andrea S
Ward, Barbara A
Ward, Bruce S
Ward, Carol M
Ward, Debra K
Ward, Deserie R
Ward, Jim D
Ward, John R
Ward, Kenneth J
Ward, Mark E
Ward, Michael
Ward, Patsey C
Ward, Tami L
Ward, Teresa M
Ward, Terii
Warden, Teresa
Ware, Adam
Ware, James W
Ware, William J
Wargnier, Ken A
Waring, Katrina
Warkentin, Debbie L
Warkentin, Jerry L
Warner, Beulah E
Warner, Kendall D
Warner, Peggy A
Warnock, Robert K
Warren, Gary W
Warren, George I
Warren, Guy M
Warriner, Darrin D
Washburn, Christine
Wash Mutual #B1226
Wasson, Gary Lee
Watanabe, Teri L
Waterworth, Ken R
Watkins, David J
Watkins, Tamara J
Watson, Christa
Watson, Fayette M
Watson, Helen L
Watson, Michael A
Watson, Morgan A
Watson, Sandra
Watson, Susan D
Watters, Dick C
Watts, Nicholas
Watts, Sally J
Weadick, Steve D
Weatherbie, Michael S
Weaver, Herbert J
Weaver, Kimber L
Weaver, Mark A
Weaver, Martin S
Webb General Contracting
Webb, Karen E
Webber, Krista R
Webber, Stuart P
Weber, Daniel J
Weber, Daniel L
Weber, Jackie R
Weber, Kristina M
Webster, Kirk L
Webster, Roger A
Weddle, Dorothy J
Wegener, Stephen
Wegner, James D
Weigel Jr, John S
Weighman, Fred
Weimer, John Adam
Weinhold, Richard C
Weinmann, Rick W
Weis, Rose M
Weiss, Kurt
Weit, L Ramsay

Welch, Craig A
Welch, Joann
Welch, Laurie L
Welch, Patricia E
Welch, Shawn M
Welke, Thomas E
Wells, Bernice D
Wells, Michael W
Wells, Misty
Wells, Walt B
Welty, Iva E
Wendt, Aaron D
Wendt, Jolie R
Wenger, Bill L
Wentworth, William J
Wentz, Terri
Wenzel, Bruce A
Werder, David Allen
Werner, Angela M
Werner, Marion
Werner, Robert O
Werner, William A
Wernli, D E
Werthaus Inc
Wertz, Michael F
West Coast Trust
West Garden Restaurant
West Hills One
West Salem Ins
West, Eric
West, Lucy E
West, Mike D
Westberg, Michael L
Western Power & Equip
Westphal, Leola L
Weter, David B
Wetzel, I T
Weyers, Connie J
Whalon, Dennis J
Wharff, Jack C
Wharton, Richard D
Wheaton, John M
Wheeler, Michael W
Wheeler, Tom K
Wheeler, V Elaine
Wheels of Design Inc
Whisenhunt, Jennifer J
Whitaker, Ethel
Whitaker, Pamela
Whitchurch Const
White, Alice E
White, Bryan W
White, Debbie A
White, Donald L
White, Kristi L
White, Pat
White, Patricia L
White, Richard H
White, Robert L
White, Roger P
Whited, Kevin
Whited, Leon
Whitehead, Thomas E
Whitehouse, Kimberly M
Whitehurst, Jason L
Whiteley, Jason S
Whitesides, Marilyn E
Whitewater, Glen M
Whitmire, Gary L
Whitmore, Shawn E
Whitney, Cheryl C
Whitney, David G
Whitney, Russell B
Whittenburg, C W
Whittier, Gary L
Wick, Kevin
Wick, Lois F
Wick, Michael H
Wicker, Kimberly S
Wickham, Kimberly S
Wickliffe, John D
Widmer, Kimberly A
Widmer, Michelle M
Wiebenga, John G
Wiens, Ben
Wiens, Elmer L
Wiggers, David M
Wiggins, Fredonia R
Wigginton, Berneice M
Wilbanks, Verna S
Wilber, Clyde F
Wilber, Luceill G
Wilber, Shawn G
Wilbrecht, Lloyd C
Wilcox, Esther
Wilcut, Michael R
Wilder, Joyce M
Wilder, Robyn W
Wildfang, Scott L
Wildman, W O
Wilensky, Cyrus
Wiley, Lance R
Wilford, Glen R
Wilkalis, Holly S
Wilkes, John E
Wilkie, Aden W
Wilkins, Mason T
Wilkinson, Cary L
Wilkinson, Jerry
Willamette Valley Mgmt
Willey, Heidi M
William Davis Construction
Williamburg Construction
Williams, Angela K
Williams, C J
Williams, Christiana L
Williams, Clarice M
Williams, Craig O
Williams, David E
Williams, Jeffrey P
Williams, Laura M
Williams, Linda
Williams, Linda S
Williams, Lisa L
Williams, Mark A
Williams, Matthew C
Williams, Paul L
Williams, Stacy J
Williamsburg Const
Williamson Jr, Richard E
Williamson, Charles
Williamson, Darrel M
Williamson, Jack L
Williamson, Jerry D
Willis, Charles T
Willis, Dawn M
Willis, Louise M
Williver, Melissa A
Willoughbys Beauty Products
Wilshusen, Larry
Wilson, Beth A
Wilson, Christopher D
Wilson, Cleve
Wilson, Daryl R
Wilson, Dorothy
Wilson, Elizabeth L
Wilson, Frank J
Wilson, Gary
Wilson, Irma B
Wilson, Jayne E
Wilson, John R
Wilson, Kent J
Wilson, Leoma L
Wilson, Robert H
Wilson, Robin D
Wilson, Sally M
Wilson, Vickie M
Wilson, William A
Wilson, William J
Winchester, Patti L
Wing Wa Oriental Inc
Wingate, Edward T
Wingert, Timothy A
Wingo, Carl
Winkelman, Jennifer
Winkler, Arnold
Winkler, Robert L
Winn, Laura L
Winston, Eric D
Winter, Kimmet S
Winters, David
Winters, Eunice A
Winters, Julie M
Wiseley, Sharon
Wishart, William H
Wiskur, Bud W
Witek, Robert R
Withers, Gail
Withers, Stephen C
Witherspoon, Roy
Withington, A
Wittenberg, Aaron
Wittenberg, Mike
Witter, Megan S
Wolcott, Sherry L
Wolf, Chris S
Wolf, Michael R
Wolfe, Hudson O
Wolfe, Shantel C
Wolke, Annastasia F F
Wolkerdorfer, Michelle M
Woo, Thomas K
Wood, Frank D
Wood, Linda L
Wood, Margaret G
Wood, Richard J
Woodring, Charles A
Woodruff, Dick W
Woodruff, Marice A
Woodruff, Richard
Woodruff, Robert L
Woodry, Glenn E
Woods, Darla K
Woods, Julie J
Woods, Lynda
Woods, Terry
Woods, Thomas D
Woods, Vickie H
Woodward, Mark A
Woodward, Mechell M
Woodworth, Barbara L
Woolsey, Jamie S
Worral, Bette J
Worral, Roger A
Worth, Michael
Woster, Melissa R
Wreath, Katrina K
Wren, Daniel J
Wren, Jody L
Wrey, Sharon L
Wreyford, Mary E
Wright, Billy R
Wright, Cassandra
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Joseph O
Wright, Kathy J
Wright, Pamela E
Wright, Shirley M
Wright, Teresa A
Wright, Wallace J
Wubben, Dennis
Wyckoff, Taunia M
Wyland, Eric J
Wyscaver, Kurt A

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To make a claim
Please contact Salem Electric:
503 362-3601

P.O. Box 5588
Salem, Oregon 97304-0055

Be prepared to provide the following:

Your name

The name on the list
if different

The Salem Electric service address(es) corresponding with listed name

The basis for the claim beneficiary/heir,
divorce, etc.

Your current mailing address

Your daytime phone number


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