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Charges, Credits, and Your Account

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Basic Charges & Rates

The Basic Charge is intended to cover what it costs to bring energy to your meter, provide office services and metering personnel, have customer service representatives available to assist you, and provide billing services. Salem Electric monitors costs compared to the basic charge with the goal of balancing the two. 

The cost of energy is based on a kilowatt-hour (kWh) - a measurement of electricity. One kWh runs a 100-watt bulb for 10 hours. Other items on your bill may include Salem and Keizer city taxes, credits or debits, and rental light costs. General Service members may also see demand and kVAR charges.

Your Electric Bill

You will receive your bill about every 30 days. It is due upon receipt. Failure to receive a bill does not release you from your obligation to pay. 

Payment Options

We try to make bill paying as simple as we can by offering different payment options to make your life easier. Click the link below for more information.

Payment Option Information

Capital Credits

As an electric cooperative, electricity is delivered at cost to our members with no profit built in. Unlike investor-owned utilities who return a portion of their profits back to their investors, an electric cooperative allocates capital credits to its members. The more electricity purchased, the larger the portion of capital credits. Capital credits are invested back into the cooperative to pay for capital expenditures and debt repayment, but are not dollars in a bank. Each October the board determines whether the current financial condition of the cooperative allows for the distribution of 5% of outstanding credits, typically a twenty year cycle. Throughout Salem Electric’s history, over 85% of allocated capital credits have been paid out to members. Members who move off of Salem Electric’s service, or their heirs, still receive their capital credits when they become payable as long as Salem Electric is notified of their current address.

Access Your Account

SmartHub, accessible through, allows you to manage your account anytime, from any device. With options for viewing or paying a bill, checking your account balance, or viewing monthly and average energy consumption, staying up-to-date with your account is simple and easy. Options include signing up for paperless billing, automatic payments, and notifications.

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