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Digging, Safety, and Surge Protection

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Call Before You Dig

Always call 811 before you dig to avoid hitting an underground utility that can cause serious injury or death. One free, easy call gets all the utility lines marked and helps protect you from injury and expense. Call at least 72 hours before you plan to dig. Visit for more information.

Electrical Safety

When it comes to electrical safety we control what we can, but there is a lot you can do too: 

  • Keep cords away from heat and water
  • Weatherproof outdoor outlets
  • Never use appliances when you are wet or on a wet surface
  • Always use moisture-resistant appliance cords outside
  • Use power tools with durable, grounded, or double insulated cords
  • Teach your children not to fly kites near power lines
  • Never touch fallen electric wires (they may be energized) 
  • Never use any type of metal equipment (e.g. aluminum ladder) near power lines
  • Show your family where the main fuse/circuit breaker is located

Surge Protection

One of the best ways to protect your equipment from spikes or surge damage is to install high-quality surge suppressors. When making your selection, make sure the suppressor has three-way protection, is UL listed, and look for the features listed below:

  • Multiple outlets
  • On/Off Switch with indicator light so you know the suppressor is working
  • Connections for USB ports, telephone, and data cables
  • Correct voltage rating for the equipment you want to protect
  • Warranty to protect your equipment or electronics
  • The lower the voltage clamping level, the better
  • The higher the joule rating, the better