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Power Outages

If the lights go out, we want you to be prepared. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable service – day and night. Employees are constantly at work maintaining or replacing worn equipment, trimming and removing trees from the power lines, and upgrading Salem Electric’s power system. Even with a modern and well-maintained system every electric utility experiences an occasional service interruption, but when interruptions happen, we’re on the job to reinstate service as quickly and safely as possible.

Emergency Preparedness

Outage Update Information

The website may be your best resource for information during outages. On our Outage Update page we try to keep updated information during outages that effect 20 or more members. We also encourage you to call when your power is out and report any information that may assist us in locating the cause of the outage to restore power more quickly (e.g. loud noises, flashes of light, etc.) 

Outage Information


Generators are handy to have if the power goes out as a backup system for heaters, freezers, well pumps, and lights. There are two popular types of generators – portable and permanent. Both are a ready source of electric power for critical needs, as well as providing some comfort and relief during a power outage.