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Salem Electric's Goals

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Salem Electric's Goals: 

  • Reliable Service – In other words, keeping the lights on.
  • Good Customer Relations – Providing friendly, efficient service, and maintaining open communication with our members. As a member-owned organization, our customers are our members.
  • Good Employee Relations – This results from an atmosphere of cooperation and open, two-way communication between all staff members.
  • Financial Integrity – Salem Electric operates with funds from a single source – our members’ electric bills. It is our duty to spend their money wisely, yet provide adequate financing to achieve the cooperative’s other goals.
  • Low Rates – Approximately 50% of our retail rate reflects the cost of purchasing electricity from our supplier – The Bonneville Power Administration. Our success in this goal is determined by how efficiently we use the remaining controllable portion of our costs while achieving the first four goals.

While not one of our five goals, the safety of our employees, our members, and the general public is of the utmost importance and an overarching goal. Salem Electric designs and maintains our system with safety as our primary goal.