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Salem Electric maintains on its books, Capital Retains withheld during the year 2000 credited to the here-in named persons, whose addresses are now unknown. Payment of the Retains is available to those persons or entities legally entitled thereto as listed. The Board of Directors of Salem Electric has declared that the Retains will be forfeited and will revert to Salem Electric unless claim to payment is made in writing by the persons or entity legally entitled thereto and the same is received by Salem Electric, P.O. Box 5588, Salem, Oregon 97304-0055, telephone number 503-362-3601, or email, on or before December 6, 2019.

Note: This list was first published in March 2019. All names will remain on the list through December 6, 2019 whether or not a refund has been paid.

Vancleave, Kenneth A

Vandehey, Curt D

Vanderlinden, Autumn L

Vanderpool, Daryll R

Vanderschuere, Elaine R

Vandervelden, Francis

VanderWeyden, Tracey

Vandeventer, Bonnie L

Vandrimmelen Sr, Michael

Vanosdel, Richard A

VanSlochteren, Betty

Vanvleck, Aimee L

Vanwormer, Amy L

Vanzandt, Danielle

Varndell, Pamela

Vasquez Rodriguez, Jose Luis

Vasquez, Abundio H

Vasquez, Antonio

Vasquez, Josue

Vasquez, Leticia Giron

Vasquez, Robert B

Vasquez, Ruberto Lopez

Vasquez, Salvador

Vasquez, Tomas Sanchez

Vattem, Susanna

Vaughn, Christopher J

Vazquez Hurtado, Miguel

Vazquez, Cindy L

Vazquez, Karena K

Veal, Linda

Veazie, Steven C

Vecchi, David J

Vega, Maria

Vega, Mary N

Velaquez, Jose

Velasco, Barbara R

Velasquez, Jaime

Velazquez, Genaro

Venegas, Damiana

Vennes, Greg J

Ventres, Mary V

Vera, Juan

Vertner, James M

Vickers, James E

Vickers, Lori A

Victoreano, Gonzalo

Victoriano, Austreberta

Victoriano, Sergio M

Video Acquisitions Inc

Vidman, Valentyn

Villalobos, Dan R

Villalobos, Francisco

Villalobos, Hector

Villalvazo, Alvaro

Villanueva, Cassandra R

Villareal, Kathleen D

Villarreal, David

Villarreal, Joel

Villarreal, Patricia

Villasana, Esteban

Villasenor, Leonel

Villasenora, Jose Luis

Villegas Avila, Hilario

Villegas, Jose R

Vincent, Cindy M

Vincent, John

Vinson, Brandi R

Vinson, Melissa C

Vliet Custom Homes Inc

Voak, Marjorie S

Vohland, Michael R

Voigt, Michael R

Vonbergen, Todd E

Voth, Sharon C

Vrell, Justin P

Waddell, Magnolia A

Wade, Lemuel

Wade, Matt H

Wade, Mike J

Wadsworth, Jack

Wagner, A Ione

Wagner, Beatrice E

Wagner, Patricia K

Wagner, Paul E

Wagner, Rhonda L

Wagner, Ruth

Wagstaff, David N

Wahleithner Sr, Clarence R

Wahlstrom, Zigrida

Waide, Karla

Waits, Georgie M

Wakefield, Boyce R

Waldner, Morgan L

Waldrum, Susan M

Walker Roofing

Walker, Clyde S

Walker, Terrance L

Walker, Tina

Walker, Vivian L

Walker, William G