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Salem Electric maintains on its books, Capital Retains withheld during the year 2000 credited to the here-in named persons, whose addresses are now unknown. Payment of the Retains is available to those persons or entities legally entitled thereto as listed. The Board of Directors of Salem Electric has declared that the Retains will be forfeited and will revert to Salem Electric unless claim to payment is made in writing by the persons or entity legally entitled thereto and the same is received by Salem Electric, P.O. Box 5588, Salem, Oregon 97304-0055, telephone number 503-362-3601, or email, on or before December 6, 2019.

Note: This list was first published in March 2019. All names will remain on the list through December 6, 2019 whether or not a refund has been paid.

Brown, Grace L

Brown, Gregory A

Brown, Heidi L

Brown, James R

Brown, Jesse J

Brown, Kari A

Brown, Kathy A

Brown, Laurie J

Brown, Lucile A

Brown, Michael

Brown, Michele M

Brown, Ronald N

Brown, Shelley C

Browning, Phyllis J

Brownlee, Robert G

Brubaker Homes

Brubaker, Sharon

Bruce, Connie C

Brumback, William

Brumley, Paul V

Brundidge, Chad M

Brunhaver, Brad R

Bryan, Jackie D

Bryan, Kay V

Bryant, Dick F

Bryant, Doris J

Bryant, Gary L

Bryson, Melissa M

Bubliauskas, Jessie M

Buce, Walter R

Buchanan, Paul H

Buchholz, Mark

Buckley, Bruce W

Buckley, Steven K

Buczynski, Jeff L

Budden, Morri

Buelna, Joseph A

Buford, Gary L

Bugar, Noemi S

Buhler, Terry D

Bull, Ervin P

Buller, Teckla J

Buntjer, Denise M

Buras, John

Burd, Ethel

Burgess, John D

Burget, Danielle R

Burick, Cindy K

Burk, Mark A

Burke, Brian

Burke, Monte E

Burke, R Daniel

Burke, Terry R

Burnell, Connie M

Burner, Edward M

Burnett Parsons, Sharon I

Burr, Carrie J

Burri, Andrew G

Burris, Pam R

Burt, Alex R

Burt, Darleen R

Burton Sr, Ron L

Burton, Patricia E

Burton, Scott A

Busch, Eugene J

Bush, Eric

Bush, Heather L

Bushek, Maria Rose

Bushnell, Monique M

Bushnell, Ronald G

Bussey, Vivie A

Bustamante, Bobby

Bustos, Laura Rosillo

Butler II, David W

Butler, Robert L

Butler, Shelby R

Buttermore, James

Byerley, Michelle L

Bynum, Dorothy L

Byrd, Rebecca L

Byrnes, Joseph F

Byus, Steven C

C & C Investments

Cabinet Door Service Co

Cade, Marilou O

Cain, Denise E

Cain, Tony

Cal & Joe's Public Auto

Calaba, Reba

Calande, Karen J

Calderon, Juan

Calderon, Martin S

Caldwell, Raymond J

Cale, Julie S

Call, Raymond

Callens, Janet

Calvert, Hilie L

Camacha, Miguel F

Camacho, Cesario

Camacho, Raul