Trees and Power Lines Don’t Mix

September 01, 2022

Tree trimming is critical to Salem Electric’s ability to deliver safe and reliable electric service. We know our members appreciate the beauty, shade, and positive environmental impact that trees provide, and so do we. But, did you know that trees and branches are a common cause of power outages in our area? Trees and power lines can be a dangerous mix without regular trimming. If you see us trimming trees, remember the many benefits it brings:

  • Improves reliability and reduces outage times
  • Reduces unexpected costs for repairs, keeping power affordable
  • Keeps lineworkers and members of your neighborhood safe

This fall and winter, Salem Electric will be patrolling our service area and trimming or removing hazardous trees and limbs that could make contact with our overhead lines. You can help by reporting trees that are hazardous, dying, or growing into power lines. Submit a tree trimming request by visiting


Tree Trimming