Board Meeting Summary October 27, 2020

October 27, 2020
Board Meeting Summary

Board Action

Bylaw Recommendations

The board reviewed proposed bylaw changes recommended by legal counsel that will be voted on by the membership in the 2021 election.

Board Support

The board voted to support the Northwest RiverPartners letter to the governors of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana regarding their effort to help recover threatened and endangered salmon in the Columbia River Basin, asking they evaluate with scientific rigor the vitality of the hydropower system as means to help both salmon and people avoid climate-driven disasters.

Budget Presentation   

Staff presented the proposed 2021 budget. The budget is designed with SE’s five goals in mind—Reliable Service, Good Customer Relations, Good Employee Relations, Financial Integrity, and Low Rates—in addition to SE’s strategic objectives established by the Board. The following are highlights from the budget presentation.

Revenue Influences 

In addition to the traditional influences of weather, technology, and the economy, the current pandemic impacts are reflected in the proposed budget. Revenue influences have a significant effect on growth, change in load patterns, and system needs. 

Cost Reductions

Labor costs were reduced with the elimination of a member services position, reorganization resulting from AMI implementation, and operational changes. 

Health care costs were reduced due to plan changes and flat medical premiums from our health care provider.

Printing, postage, and outside mailing costs were reduced with process and operational changes, and with the redesign of our billing statement. 


Funds are budgeted to replace an aging dump truck, to complete necessary Read Substation updates, and for the replacement of network switches nearing end-of-life.

Manager’s Report

General Manager Tony Schacher reported that a payment window in the lobby entrance is being installed to provide members a sheltered location to conduct business with Salem Electric.