Board of Directors

Board Members Play an Important Role in the Cooperative

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Board meetings are held monthly and members are welcome to attend. Dates of upcoming board meetings are posted on our Meetings, Events, and Closures page. For information on past board meetings visit Board Meeting Summaries and Minutes of Board Meetings.


Learn more about what it means to be a board member.


NRECA Videos

About Electric Cooperatives

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association provided the following educational videos to help co-op members learn more about how co-ops began and what it means to be part of the grid.

The Electric Cooperative Story

This entertaining video features a fast-action, hand-drawn guide to the history, structure, and purpose of rural electric cooperatives.

The Electric Grid Connects Us All

The electric grid is a complex system of power plants, transmission lines, substations, and distribution lines that transmit electric power from the place where it’s generated all the way to electric co-op members at the end of the line.