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Member Assistance

Receiving Member Assistance

The Salem Electric Member Assistance Program (SEMAP) is available to qualifying members whose household income does not exceed income guidelines. Priority is given to seniors (age 60+), and persons with disabilities (those who receive or have applied for monetary benefits for their disability). Seniors and persons with disabilities may begin applying in December. All others may apply beginning in January. Assistance is limited to one payment per household each heating season and ranges from $150 to $225. Please contact us for more information on how to receive funds or donate to this program.

Energy assistance is also available through Salem Electric's Round Up Program. Funded by member donations, assistance is available as funding allows. For more information, please contact our office.


Household Income Guidelines
Household Size Gross Annual Income Gross Monthly Income
1 $25,983 $2,165
2 $33,978 $2,832
3 $41,973 $3,498
4 $49,967 $4,164
5 $57,962 $4,830
6 $65,957 $5,496
7 $67,456 $5,621
8 $68,955 $5,746
General Assistance
Agency Phone
Alzheimer’s Network of Oregon 503-364-8100
Center 50+ 503-588-6303
Center for Hope and Safety 503-399-7722
Housing Authority City of Salem 503-588-6368
Marion County 503-798-4170
West Valley 503-623-8387
Meals on Wheels 503-364-2856
Aging & Disability Resource
Connection NorthWest Senior
& Disability Services
Financial Assistance
Agency Phone
Information and Referral 211
Congregations Helping People
First Methodist Church
600 State Street
Low Income Energy Assistance Program
1850 45th Ave NE Ste 101
Northwest Human Services
694 Church Street NE
St. Vincent de Paul Society
3745 Portland Road NE
The Salvation Army
1977 Front Street NE

Donating to Member Assistance

SE Round Up Program

As a community-focused organization, we understand your desire to help your neighbors. For nearly 40 years donations have been collected and provided to thousands of members to assist them with their electric bill. The SE Round Up Program replaced the previous Dollar Check-off program, and provides the convenient option of rounding up your payment to the nearest dollar.

Round Up Logo

How it works: The Round Up Program is completely voluntary. If you choose to participate and your bill is $82.15, Salem Electric will round up the balance due on your billing statement to the nearest dollar, or $83.00. The extra 85 cents you include with your payment will be applied to the Round Up Program. Donations are then redistributed to help members in need of financial assistance with a credit to their electric bill.

How to participate: 

  • One-time donations can be made by checking the box on the front of your billing statement and indicating the additional amount you wish to include with your payment. 
  • Round up your future monthly bills by completing either the form on the back of your monthly billing statement or accessing the form from our Documents page.
  • Receive paperless billing? No problem! Sign up through the SmartHub mobile app.

Your change makes a difference! 



Salem Electric offers ten $1,500 college scholarships to applicants of all ages who meet eligibility requirements. Scholarships are awarded based on school activities, academic promise, and quality of application and essay. For more information contact the Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion(OSAC). 

Contact OSAC:

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants’ primary address must be served by Salem Electric.
  • Applicants must be high school graduates (including home-school graduates) or GED recipients and must be planning to enroll in a full-time undergraduate program.
  • Salem Electric staff, board members, and their immediate family members are ineligible.

The early bird application deadline for the 2020-2021 academic year is February 17, 2020, and the final deadline is March 2, 2020.

Apply online at

Safety Education

Safety Education in Schools

Salem Electric cares about children’s safety and provides free electrical safety programs to educate about the hazards associated with electricity. 

Program Information

Ideal for grades K-5, this program is presented by Salem Electric employees using an energized model display board. The presentation lasts approximately 30 minutes. Due to the size of the display, the program works best for groups of 40 or less; however, we would be happy to work with you to arrange multiple demonstrations so all interested students can attend. If you would like to schedule a demonstration at your school, please contact our Member Services Department at 503-362-3601.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy Efficiency Programs & Incentives 

Salem Electric supports energy efficiency by providing incentives for members to save energy, reduce their electric bills, and help the environment. 

Appliance Incentives

Appliance Incentives

A $40 incentive is available for qualifying clothes dryers, clothes washers, and water heaters installed within Salem Electric’s service area. Qualifying appliances must be ENERGY STAR rated and standard water heaters of 59 gallons or less must have an energy factor of .93 or greater (.91 or greater if it’s 60 gallons or more). A $300 incentive is available for heat pump water heaters (not to exceed 50% of heat pump cost).

When shopping for your new appliance look for the ENERGY STAR logo on the yellow Energy Guide label to help you compare energy efficiency. Visit for more information.

Incentive Instructions 

1. Complete an appliance claim form online.

2. Upload an image of your receipt. 

3. Complete one claim form for each appliance. 


Claim forms are also available by contacting the Member Services Department at 503-362-3601.


Energy Smart

Energy Smart Design

Existing commercial buildings, new commercial construction, and major remodels may be eligible for incentives through the Energy Smart Design Program. All projects must be approved in advance and meet program guidelines. To learn more about the program and available incentives contact the Member Services Department at 503-362-3601.

EV Charger Incentive

Electric Vehicle Level 2 Charger Incentive

Residential Salem Electric members can purchase a ChargePoint Home Flex electric vehicle charger through Salem Electric for $699 and receive a $500 incentive after installation. To qualify for an incentive, members must meet eligibility requirements. Learn More

Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Program

Incentives are available for residential members who install high-efficiency residential air source or ductless heat pumps. Download the Home Heating Guide to compare electric heating and cooling systems and determine what is best for your home.

Air Source Heat Pumps  

To ensure the greatest efficiency, air source heat pumps must meet the minimum Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF), SE sizing and installation guidelines and Performance Tested Comfort System (PTCS) standards. 

$1,500 Incentive for Existing Homes

  • For single-family homes located in SE’s service area regardless of the existing heating system or heating fuel type
  • A residence must meet the SE WeatherWise Program standards. All cost-effective weatherization measures (ceiling, floor, wall, and duct insulation) must be completed before the heat pump is installed

$500 Incentive for New Homes 

  • Applies to homes connected to Salem Electric service within 12 months of applying for the incentive 

Ductless Heat Pumps  

Ductless Heat Pumps offer an option for heating and cooling without the additional expense or installation of ductwork. They are great for homes with existing zonal heating systems (i.e. baseboard, wall, or ceiling cable heat).

Available Incentives

  • $1,000 Homes with existing electric heat (zonal or forced air)
  • $1,000 Multi-family housing
  • $750 Homes with existing heat pumps, manufactured homes, or non-electrically heated homes
  • $500 New single or multi-family homes
  • $500 Commercial buildings

Contact Member Services at 503-362-3601 to schedule a home energy audit.

Approved Contractor List

Bid Sheet for Contractors

Photovoltaic Program
House with Solar Panels

Photovoltaic Program

Incentives are available for qualifying photovoltaic (PV) systems that are net metered, do not exceed a generation capacity of 25kW, and comply with SE’s Net Metering Policy. Systems must meet Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) requirements including being UL listed and rated for connection to SE’s system. Installers must be ODOE-certified.


  • Residential and general service members receive a $300 rebate per kW installed
  • Rebates cannot exceed 50% of the total project and depend on the availability of funds
  • The maximum rebate is $1,500

Net Metering Diagram



Salem Electric offers incentives for weatherizing your electrically heated home. Our SE energy analyst can help you decide which improvements will be the most cost-effective. Incentives are offered for the following energy efficient measures:

  • Air Sealing 
  • Ceiling Insulation (R-49) 
  • Duct Insulation (R-11)
  • Duct Sealing 
  • Electronic Thermostats 
  • Floor Insulation (R-30 or fill cavity)
  • Replacement Patio Doors (.32 U-value) 
  • Replacement Windows (.30 U-value) 
  • Wall Insulation (R-13)

All non-electric heating equipment, excluding wood heat and non-electric heat pump backup systems, must be removed prior to weatherization.

Members who meet income guidelines and have permanently-installed electric heat may qualify for FREE weatherization.

WeatherWise Program Brochure

Approved Contractor List

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Request

Salem Electric trims vegetation that encroaches on our power lines and equipment. Trees that are unstable, diseased, dead, or leaning toward our lines can be dangerous and can cause a power outage. Visit Power Friendly Trees and City of Salem Acceptable Street Trees to learn about trees that can be planted near power lines.

Tree address/location
Is the vegetation currently putting pressure on the line?
Is the tree limb broken or uprooting?
Upload requirements


If you have a tree or large branch on your property that is close to the high-voltage primary electric distribution power lines, please let us know by filling out the form or by calling us at 503-362-3601.

Your Cooperative Your Voice

Your Cooperative – Your Voice

Learn more about co-ops and how your voice can be heard.

For over 75 years Salem Electric has delivered clean, reliable, and affordable power to its members. A grassroots campaign organized by the Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association, ORECA-Action, is working with Oregon electric cooperatives to contact legislators when there is legislation that impacts the co-ops' ability to provide low-cost reliable power. By joining our grassroots effort, you can advocate for Oregon electric cooperatives. We will provide you information to send directly to your elected officials. Together we can make a difference. Sign up today!

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